Sustaining Breakthrough Cancer Research


Around the world, researchers and scientists are working to improve our understanding of, and treatments for, prostate cancer. PCF’s Young Investigator Awards program is dedicated to sustaining and supporting this by identifying a cohort of future prostate cancer research leaders, who will move their field forward with their work.

The creation of the Young Investigator awards in 2008 was inspired by Donald S. Coffey, PhD, the Prostate Cancer Research Director at Johns Hopkins University. Over the course of four decades, Dr. Coffey mentored over fifty scientists and physicians, many of whom are today’s leading prostate cancer researchers. By supporting young prostate cancer investigators, generally under 35 years old, in postdoctoral fellowships or in junior faculty roles, this program has identified some of the most promising research in the prostate cancer field.

For just a few examples, you can look to the Class of 2016. One recipient, Dr. Rohit Bose of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, is studying to see how prostate cancer cells could become more sensitive to medication, reducing long-term resistance of the cancer to life-saving drugs. Another recipient, Dr. Genevra Botta of Harvard’s Dana-Farber Cancer Institute is working to identify new genes that play a part in tumor recurrence and resistance to common initial treatments in critical phases as the illness progresses. These studies and research proposals also benefit from mentoring by faculty members at their respective institutions, highlighting just how many researchers are working for a cure.

For PCF, this commitment works to support a vibrant and sustainable field of research committed to a cure for prostate cancer. Dr. Howard Soule, PCF’s Chief Science Officer, sums it up, saying, “Supporting a focus on prostate cancer by talented young investigators is critical to realizing PCF’s goal of accelerating breakthrough discoveries that can potentially end death and suffering from prostate cancer.”

Anyone can find our more about the program and the important research being done by each class at PCF’s website (https://www.pcf.org/c/young-investigator-awards/). And for those affected by prostate cancer, they can be confident that the most promising ideas in cancer research are being identified and supported.