A Message from Our Founder

One in eight men will get prostate cancer. 14 million men have the disease — and 1 million more are diagnosed each year. In January 2014, I became one of them.

My cancer is not a consequence of bad luck so much as bad genes — five to be exact, which were likely inherited from my father who had the disease. Like millions of other men, I am depending on the Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF) to identify and fund the research that will cure me.

I am highly confident that PCF will do it, because right now we are at a singular moment in prostate cancer science. After 23 years of PCF-funded research, 19 genes related to prostate cancer have been identified, and the miraculous science of how to target these genes is thriving. If we can support the scientists who are advancing this work, prostate cancer will be the first major cancer to be cured. And because at least 10 other cancers share one or more genetic blueprint with prostate cancer, PCF research will also drive precision medicines for colon cancer, forms of ovarian and breast cancer, kidney cancer, bladder cancer, lung cancer, pediatric neuroblastoma, melanoma, and many others.

At my first board meeting after joining PCF’s Board of Directors, we were told the past 23 years of extraordinary progress from PCF-funded research leaves us only five years and $1 billion from the cure.

We are that close.

In response, I am proud to have created and honored to lead Many vs Cancer (MvC). This community will become a global movement of millions of patients — plus those who love and support us — to crowdfund $1 billion over the next five years, enabling PCF researchers to find a cure for everyone without overburdening anyone. MvC will be the most ambitious and most powerful patient-led community ever assembled for any disease, for any purpose, anywhere.

To make this dream a reality, I need your help. By joining Many vs Cancer right now, at this earliest stage, you will create the momentum that this movement needs to succeed.

Do it for me, for someone you love, or for the millions of men you don’t know who are fighting prostate cancer right now, as you read this letter. Whatever your reason, please do it now.

Thank you for your support. As the architect of the Many vs. Cancer movement and, more importantly, as a patient who needs a cure, it means more to me, and millions of other men, than you can possibly know.


With immeasurable gratitude,

Andy Astrachan

Prostate Cancer Patient

Director, Prostate Cancer Foundation

Founder, Many vs Cancer